Tuesday, February 24, 2009

some people

Some people can sit straight up from laying flat on their back without any assistance from their other appendages or their mothers before they are six months old (like Jimmy).

Some people can study while listening to old AC/DC and actually retain all the information and grow up and be a surgeon (like Nate).

Some people wake up one day when they are three years old and stun their mother because she realizes they can actually read and have some how acquired this terrific skill on their own (like Grace).

Some people can get on skates and are just natural skaters (perhaps these people are usually Canadian?).
We've discovered Gracie is not Canadian.


Laura F said...

Izzie's dying to try ice skating - how did it go?

emily said...

awesome!! made me giggle!

Kev and Chels said...

that' pretty funny:) i'm not a natural either.

MRC said...

Not only can some people manage to remember what they study while listening to AC/DC, some people actually seem to study BETTER while listening to AC/DC.

Katers said...

We just took Isabelle skating...at barely 3 she did okay, but I sure was sore!