Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am not a poet

Jimmy has a racing car bed.
You'd think this is where he'd like to lay down his head.
He'd rather, I gather, sleep on the floor,
Or with his keester up against the door.

Today he chose not to nap
This did not make me want to clap.
On route home from school, he seemed to change his mind
This makes me think bedtime may not be too far behind.

So until I can convince him to wake
Slumber and sleep is what he'll make.
I wish he would choose to lay down his head
During nap time on his racing car bed.


Katers said...

Sarah, I opened up the picture, and what I love the most is the coloring/scribbles on the wall...a much loved and used bedroom! Perhaps he'll take to his cool big boy bed soon!

sarah said...

Kate, I'm glad you recognized a lived-in bedroom when you see one! Sadly, the marks on the walls are not scribbles. They are scratches from his brace that he wears every night. Have I mentioned there are so many things we need to do before we can sell our house!?!

emily said...

makes me giggle, but also sympathize greatly!! Go to sleep, JimmY!!

Ollievie said...

It boggles the mind . . . why would anyone not want to sleep in a race car bed? That is such a fun bed!

Becky said...

Sounds like our house! The kids go through phases, but plenty of nights there are two empty beds, and a very full floor!
Good luck with the napping!