Sunday, April 17, 2011

getting your game on with your peeps

Its Easter-time. You know this by the crazy amount of Peeps one can find at any given store. But imagine if you will, that you've recently opened up your Easter seasonal box, y'know the one you left in STL for an extra year in storage and haven't been into since 2009 or so. Yeah, that one. Well, imagine your surprise and your husband's delight when within that box you find an unopened package of pink Peeps.

What does one do with these?
Let us show you:

You carefully throw the Peep at a child waiting "patiently" with a tennis racket.

In the following picture if you look closely you can see the tail end of a Peep right by the arrow. (I am sure by now you are used to our amazing photography around these parts.)

The child then whacks the Peep. This is done over and over and over again until all the Peeps are smashed to smithereens in the backyard. You then "graciously" pose for a picture with your racket on a rock and try not to get whacked yourself.

And that my friends, is how its done.
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MissMOE said...

LOL! Love it. Amusement comes in all shapes, sizes, and yummy flavors.

Ollievie said...

you guys are too fun! i love it!