Saturday, April 23, 2011

off to the races

About a month ago we enjoyed a rain-filled adventure in California. For a few brief moments we were dazzled with sunshine. Luckily one of those moments corresponded with a certain nephew's birthday party.

(I have no idea what these scooters are called, but they are more than awesome and I think I'd like one for myself.)

The difference between the following two are hilarious to me. I think a certain niece of mine picked up incredible speed as she was turning a bend on the path. Fortunately she's rather tenacious and her handy dad and Uncle Nate-ness were nearby to avert any serious injury. The facial expressions and body language of everyone in the last of these two photos is quite telling. Don't you think?!

Ps. One of these isn't a kid. Can you guess which one???

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Lindsay said...

Looking good guys!! What a fun time we had! Gotta love our plasma cars and big hills...

Sally Morrison said...

The difference between boys fun and girls fun is sometimes very obvious. Grace looks concerned; the boys look delighted. :)

Rita said...

we have a yellow one and love it. Dennis and I ride it behind our dog who pulls us.