Wednesday, April 6, 2011

when I get to be 21 again

Say all you want about men not planning in advance. I sure have said much on that subject concerning one man I know, but I now need to take it all back.

He asked me out on a date for September 3. (I said yes by the way and am already planning on what to wear).

What could possibly be so important to promote such advanced planning?
The Def Leppard and Heart concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited. I'm thinking of some of those clip in hair extensions in dark purple are in order!!!

Now to line up a babysitter. Think I'll wait a little bit on that one.


Kristin said...

SHUT UP...those 2, together!! Can I fly down and come? LOVE LOVE! You are the luckiest girl eva!

Gina said...

Will underwear be thrown on the stage?