Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sometimes things are useful down the road

Big test today for 3-5th graders in the state. So big that McDonalds has offered a free breakfast to children within that age range. How a greasy egg mcmuffin will help test scores increase, I'm not sure. But I digress.

Apparently They (they being the school administration from the district down through the teachers) have been "reminding" the children how important it is they do well on these tests. Grace has taken this to heart and has become slightly concerned about it. Oh how I wish she did not take after me in the test-taking-anxiety mode! She should channel her father in this regard! He's the coolest test taker I've evern known. We've talked about how she's taken tests like this every year in school. My favorite was last year, because in CA they don't just take standardized tests like everyone else. Oh no, y'see they do STAR testing. Fancy.

She's decided to try and chill about it. But I can tell she still is a bit ruffled. So I did what any fabulous mom would do. I put a note in her lunch that says,
"You're good enough, you're smart enough, and gosh-darn-it we love you."

Seems only natural the pep talk I give my child I gleaned straight from SNL.

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