Monday, June 29, 2009

beach girl

This girl is a major beach bum. She's been to the beach four times in the last eight days and really can't get enough. Today she had sand EVERYWHERE (and really, I mean everywhere).

Jimmy on the other hand really does not care too much for the beach. He stays far out of the water and has to warm up to sand. But he keeps asking for a "buggy board."
Also you should note, Grace informed Nate she was totally ready for a surf board. Nate thinks he's ready for one too.

And what am I ready for? I'm ready for a whole day to go by without me getting lost! (At least I usually know which way is west).


Ollievie said...

ohhhh . . . i love the beach! but sand everywhere is something i can do without :)

H. said...

I love your pictures of the beach! It looks like you are settling into your new environs quite well. I'm so glad.