Sunday, June 14, 2009

oklahoma is ok

500 down only 1300 more to go.

Currently Nate and the kids are partaking in the most anticipated event of the trip:

I am enjoying the calm of the hotel room. Today is our longest day of travel (well, I hope so!). We drove SW through Missouri, down through Tulsa and are now in OKC. I was reminded (for four-plus hours) how beautiful Missouri is. If you haven't really checked it out and find yourself in a position to do so, I highly recommend it.

We decided to go a bit out of the way and visit the birthplace of George Washington Carver. May I just say, he was one amazing person. Why is it that most people know who particular pop stars are, but have no idea about this guy. He had some incredible insights, here's one I really liked:

The other thing I've thought about today is why there is such terrible things to eat on road trips, but I won't go into details on that one.

I'll also take a minute and say THANKS and THANKS to all of you lovely people who gave up a good part of their weekend (or week, in the case of Nate's parents) to come and help us move. Without you, I'm pretty certain we'd not be in Oklahoma City yet...


Kate Smith said...

The problem with road trips (I love road trips!) is there are just too many variables. So, I tend to eliminate problems where I can. Case in point, pack a few snacks in your cooler and eat at Reliable places like Flying J or McDonalds. It's not very 'local' but so predictable. Which is priceless.

Katers said...

GWC, the peanut guy! Created most of the things we do and know about peanuts. Again, that's the kind of wierd trivia that I know.