Thursday, June 25, 2009

getting settled

Its been almost a week since we've been here and we are mostly moved in. Our living room still lacks furniture, but it is a great place to stash stuff we don't quite know what to do with. Our kitchen is 3 times the size of our old one (and for those of you who have been to my old kitchen know that this means our current kitchen is enormous to us, but not necessarily the rest of the civilized world), its also my first experience with a side-by-side fridge. I've gotten lost or misplaced at least once a day for the last seven days.

There have been many things for me to get used to. Nate loves all of these new experiences, I am doing my best to be a good sport. The nice thing is that when I find I'm overwhelmed with change, newness, and adapting to such things, I just go outside and breath the fresh air, or drive the 3 miles to the coast. Things just seem much better then for some reason.

Hopefully in the next few days I'll get back to regular blogging (and also I hope to stop ending my habit of run-on sentences and ending sentences with prepositions).

To hold you over to that point, here is a list of the contents of an unlabeled random box we unpacked (please note the box was originally a Grl Scout cookie distribution box (Thin Mnts to be exact):

1. long, serrated bread knife
2. harmonica holder
3. vice grip
4. fishing vest
5. one gallon Ziploc bag full of office supplies
6. can opener
7. an old Samsung cell phone box containing to outdated cell phones and their accessories
8. 2 Sham-Wows


Sally Morrison said...

Things did get a little crazy near the end there. But what the heck is '2 Sham Wows'?
Post pictures soon. Love you!

GG/MOM/geny said...

Sarah..that box of items is just things that were left on table and a box was handy; so they were packed. What else could they do??
I knew couple who opened moving one found bag of dry garbage! The rule is: you leave nothing!! and those workers are most efficient in doing such.(So are grandparents.)
What are Sham-Wows??
As for side by side fridge--honey you will not lose many things before you ARE PROFICIENT IN WHICH DOOR IS soon as the ice cream melts--and can of pop bursts open and you have frozen droplets decorating everything in that section. Well, pretty exciting.. you wish you could do lights on Christmas Tree that easy!!
I guess I miss you all more are another 1000 miles away now..but if I look straight West, right in the sunset..I am looking in San Diego..pretty neat huh?? Your Grits-by-the-Sea-GG knows you are very happy and change does cause reflection/some confusion..but just consider it jet will be in the middle of everythig, including all those beaches. Hug those two SAN DIEGO great grandchildren for me..
One more thing..I love Nate's cap and gown from while back..makes me think of dress style in day of Columbus..some of the hats they wore, those spendid sleeves.. and the two colors..aqua green and black..very rich..Nate is quite A KNOCKOUT..AND APPARENTLY HIS TASTE RUNS FOR GORGOUS BLONDES--HANGING AROUND HIS NECK!! (nice adornment.)
You know this is the weekend for Dr Debnath/Tiffiny wedding.
I go now..stay well..enjoy that marvelous kitchen..and never forget, you are in Avocado Heaven!!
Gardenias still blooming here.. well, two more today. My love and chocolate

Laura F said...

I'm so jealous of the avocados... we'll come visit maybe just for that. :-) We miss you guys! It's so sad in many ways to be back here, but in the meantime to have had so many friends move away. I really wanted to go to tower grove park last week and would have loved to meet up there. I hope your adjustment is coming along okay - I have no doubt that beach helps out. :-) Miss you!

Laura F said...

ps - I know what sham wows are. :-)