Thursday, June 11, 2009


Our new goal is to have EVERYTHING packed and ready to go by mid-day tomorrow. This will allow the burly men (Nate, his dad, and my dad) to do some loading into the moving "relo-cubes" (seems strange not to say trailer) while the ladies (me, my mom, and Nate's mom) get some needed attention at the spa (I must say, that couldn't have been planned any more perfect!).

Tomorrow evening is Graduation and we're pretty excited about that. Our celebration shouldn't go too far into the evening, because much too early on Saturday morning the remainder of our things will be loaded into the relo-cubes, our house will be swept clean, and we'll say goodbye to our home of 8 years.

Our journey West will officially commence Sunday morning. Our plan is to be in Oklahoma City before sunset.


Ollievie said...

Wow! I love that you made sure to include a spa trip. Good luck with everything! I hope the trip cross-country is fun.

Becky said...

A woman who has just packed up her home of 8 years totally deserves some spa time! I'm so glad that you have family that can help you with the process, too.
Isn't it bitter-sweet making a move like that? Good things in store, but leaving a home where you've made so many memories...

Hang in there!

Katers said...

You are going on one rockin' adventure! CA or bust!!!!!

Laura said...

We are packing up our house too but to move a block away. I wish it was to CA!! Congratulations to both of you on graduation. It is a group effort. I wish I got to go to the spa but I am just lying in my bed while others pack around me. I planned this pretty well:)

John said...

Hey Sarah,

Kelly just gave me your blogpage address. I will definately miss my daily dose of Grace-isms. It was great being neighbors even for the short time. Sorry I didn't get to say goodbye and good luck. Tell Nate I said hello and good luck with the fellowship and Jimmy I'll always have a rocking chair for him to sit on. Best of luck.