Sunday, October 3, 2010


Or, I went where not too many people knew my name. Last Saturday Nate and I took a VERY long flight to Boston. It took almost longer to get our luggage (well, not really, but it did take over an hour. I suppose that's another story). We were tired, but we were together, with no children... Let's just leave it at - We Made The Most of It!

Sunday began with Nate hurrying off to his meetings. I scurried off to services at Trinity Church. It was amazing to be there. It was built in the 1800s and I love it.

Later on I decided to walk about and lo and behold I found...

FALL!!! Its real and not just a figment of my memory.

I also saw lots of other cool things. Most of which I took pictures of and perhaps one day I'll show them to you.
The afternoon consisted of a walk through the Public Garden, the Boston Common, a concert by the Boston Pops (so cool), a walk on Beacon Street, window shopping on Newberry, and of course a visit to
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GG/MOM/geny said...

I am so happy you and Nate could go to Boston..Jim and I planned to do that..the Historical sites and for sure to see the Boston Pops one we had to go when they were in season. But he is having other wonderful visits, seeing beautiful sites and helping so he allays did. I love you both and your childen and your MOM/DAD and your brother and his neat wife, those dear children and our son Robin and his Diane..and their children..and all my nice large family..some here and others on to better things.
I think of my Dad a lot. Send me your new eamil address when it happens..and Nate's too.
Autumn is arriving in
Lowcounty-by-the-seaside-the-water-now-74-degrees-has-cooled-a-lot-but-still-so-special-the beaches-extravagant-in-gifts-with white-sand=and- many=shells-and-the-skies-so-blue-with-fleecy-clouds-and-your-daughter-loves-life-so-much-it-is-so=exciting-and-the-only-way-she-knows-to-express-herself-is-with-huge-comments-extravagant-body-language-and-for-sure-you-want-to learn!-so-she-shares...and;-would-be-so-sad-for=her-not-to-share-with-you-and-others-.
The truth is, life is so big for her body and brain at this time- she cannot contain it all inside or else would explode.
She came here ready for this mortal expeience and she is living about three years to each one calendar year....Sometimes she cannot explain why she runs out of energy and then is tired and grumpy a is just that each day gives her three days of material to sort-live through. Sometimes..some of we people are like that..but right now she knows enough to fill an encyclopedia..I think. Luv..GG/MOM/geny

Ollievie said...

The last picture of the post did not show up on my computer . . . but I hope it's a picture of you, in a bakery, eating a big piece of Boston Creme Cake/Pie ;) Sounds like a great trip.