Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A hard thing that happens as one grows older is that one often finds oneself moving away from their friends. And by friends, I mean the kind that really would be your sisters if your family happened to have grown that way. Sometimes (many times) these friends have moved from me, however in the last few years I resumed the position of moving away from them.

Either way, it is never fun. You always hope things will stay the same, but they can't. You can't see them every Saturday morning for a hot chocolate party, you can't go next door for an impromptu Def Leppard dance party, you can't bake with them every Wednesday, go to pilates with them every Tuesday, nor can you daydream together every night about each other's happily ever after while making lesson plans for your student teaching the next morning, etc.

But what does stay the same is your deep-rooted friendship that somehow stands the test of time.

How lucky for me to see one of these gems in Boston. Meredith and her husband were on an weekend-away and took time to meet up with Nate and I. Really Nate and Dave were just nice about it and mostly went about their business, but Mere and I had a little time to connect again. It felt really good. One of these days we will have another hot chocolate party. It might not be for another decade or so, but the chocolate will be good, and the company even better.


Meredith said...

so that made me totally tear up. you write beautifully! the funny thing is I kept thinking about who each friend was (although we all know who has dance parties to def leopard!) Jeanne and i were talking a year or so about a college girls reunion weekend. Hopefully we can swing that sooner than later.

Erin said...

Love this post Sarah! Those of us who have friends like that are so lucky.

I get such a kick out of what your little one said about moving to San Diego..."what language do they speak there?" HA! Love it! :)

H. said...

Nice catching up on your blog! I'm glad your Boston trip went well. Can't believe you got hail??? I heard tornados were in the area as well. Crazy.

GG/MOM/geny said...

You never get over moving away from old friends (or they move) but the reward is ..they have been a special part of your life and might enter again..if only briefly..When you have turned 85 years..many are across the veil-or lost somewhere in this world and you have no clue how to reach them..but..your life has been better because they are a part of it. It is a wonderful thing..I can only be happy for all that you have/know..Make as many aas you can.
Much Love from GG -by=the=seaside=with=Autum=breathing=down=our=necks=with=amazing=colors-and-lovely-air.GG/MOM/geny