Sunday, October 10, 2010

quack quack

Our last day in Boston we were as touristy as you can get. We rode the Ducks. Nate was so excited (can you see the sarcasm in his face?)

Question: What's that? How does one ride a duck?
Answer: One does it quite easily when the duck looks like this:

Question: Who drives those things?
Answer: Sometimes superheros (however, ours wasn't, this guy was the driver of the next tour, ours is kind of hidden behind the white beams wearing a Hawaiian shirt)

Question: What does one see on a Duck Tour?
Answer: All the sights one did not see while one was in a conference center. However, the pictures one takes on such a tour are so crooked and blurry, one will not post them here.

The fun part of the tour for Nate (besides sitting so very close to me) was seeing so much of Boston - the different neighborhoods, various Freedom Trail sights, and cruising out on the Charles River. The fun part of the tour for me was to realize I had seen just about everything we saw on the tour during my few days of Boston-gazing. I really got around!

Warning to all Bostonians: We will be back, and next time we will bring the kids.

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