Saturday, October 9, 2010

news from the cafeteria

Dictionary Entry: "Double Dating"
Used in sentence: "Mom! I was Double Dating at recess today!"
Any guess on the meaning? (answer at bottom of post)

The following is my favorite conversation of yesterday:
It came as a result of the news that the swings and playground equipment were off-limits yesterday at recess due to crazy digging bees. Apparently it is now BORING to be forced to run around and play games on the field. Who knew?

Nate: Don't you chase boys any more?
Grace: DAD!!!!
Me: Nate, she's just much too mature for that now.
Grace: Well, I did chase a boy yesterday.

Double Dating in Third Grade form is when two swings are swinging in tandem, same level and same rhythm. I think that is the perfect form of Double Dating, especially as it has nothing to do with boys (unless of course they are the ones on the other swing, but usually they are too busy running on the field).


Wendy said... excited I just found this!! Hooray for public blogs! Glad to know about the double dating thing. Bradley play "defeat the girls" which really means, "tag"

Anonymous said...

Can't wait until she's a teenager...we better rest up.