Sunday, October 10, 2010

an irony of our parenthood

It is always ironic to me when our children get sick(ish) and Nate and I are completely surprised by it. This is an especially true feeling when the sickishness occurs somewhere in the upper respiratory system or their ears or their noses for that matter.

The last two nights Jimmy has reminded us of the glory (the terror) of life with a newborn. He was up EVERY hour Friday night, and several hours (in no particular pattern) last night. Why? Did Nate and I figure it out the first night - NO. Of course not. Nate was busy fielding calls about sick people and I was busy trying not to pull my hair out. We weren't even thinking that Jimmy could possibly not be feeling well.

Last night however we thought - hey, maybe he gets extra stuffy while laying down and that's why he's been having such a hard time. Maybe he's too snuffy to breathe and he doesn't like it. Maybe we should follow medical advice (that one of us gives to patients and their families on a regular basis) and prop him up a bit to help him breathe better. Yeah, that's the ticket. Way to go me and Nate. It was nice to finally get it. And it was especially nice for Jimmy.

And as far as J goes, he's really quite fine. Just snuffy. So no worries from the grandparent crowd out there. I just felt I would share one of our little parenting ironies.
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Wendy said...

Jimmy looks so grown up in that picture! Gotta love MD husbands. I thought Bradley was having appendicitis. Ben diagnosed it as gas. Phew!

Sally Morrison said...

Love the new 'do'on Jims. Is he into gel now?

Gina said...

Your Frday night schedule was worse than the schedule I'm keeping! Glad he's better. We know how it goes with medical stuff... it's the cobbler's children who always go shoeless, right?