Thursday, October 21, 2010

nana's on the ball

During Fall Break we did something we don't do quite enough of...

We went bowling! It has been decided that Cousin Bowling and Bumper Bowling should always be done together.

Grace tallied up our scores after EVERY SINGLE bowler's turn.

Jimmy and Zac were extremely "helpful" as they would insist on bringing everybody their appropriate ball at the appropriate (and sometimes not appropriate) time.

Tyler would compare Grace's math with the computer.

Nana had a blast.

I learned that it will take a group of 6 (with at least two members of the group not quite yet 5) almost two hours to complete one game.
First Side Note: (By "Attack" (in the above picture) we mean it took a good two minutes each time the ball was "thrown" to make its way to the pins).
Second Side Note: (I think we need someone who throws lefty to help us teach our favorite lefty some easier tips on bowling and the like).

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Katers said...

Sarah...what is with that score, 27?!?! Do you remember nothing from the ATHS bowling section in gym class?!?!?

We just took the kids bumper bowling with our neighbors this summer, they love it. Also, check to see if they have a "shelf/ramp" for the younger ones, it holds the ball, so all the kids do is push and it rolls down the ramp.