Monday, October 11, 2010

what the hail?

We live in the desert. This is important to remember when I tell you the following: ice fell from the sky last Tuesday.

The town was all a'twitter about it.

Our citrus trees (and all trees for that matter) were "naturally" pruned (including our olive tree, any ideas what we should do with all the crazy olives we have?)

And the high temps dropped at least 20 degrees.

Life is much easier to handle when its in the 80s!
(Thankfully we didn't plant outside yet.)

Oh, and what does one wear when its a chilly 84 degrees?
A long-sleeved shirt offset by a popsicle. That combination makes all the difference.


Katers said...

I love that he has band-aids on both his legs! Bet the brief cool weather was a nice relief!

Sally Morrison said...

Make olive oil??